Lead to Exceed

Published on 17th May 2019

On Wednesday 26 Sept 2018, Laura Baxter presented the Lead to Exceed Stage 1 workshop to six member clubs at the Howe of Fife RFC. This was received as a very useful event, both inspiring and enjoyable, and a great opportunity to mix with other like-minded people striving to run sports clubs and facing similar issues. An invitation to progress on to the Stage 2 workshop was then sent out to the clubs involved – this is a more involved event and can be done in a group or individually (per club). Two clubs asked to continue to Stage 2, while we also welcomed a club from our sister Kirkcaldy & Central Sports Council, which had been unable to attend the second workshop in its area. The second workshop took place on Wednesday 8 May 2019 and the clubs now have the opportunity to take the training further to Stage 3.

Lead to Exceed is a consultancy business focusing on the development of Community Sport to enhance the sustainability through in-depth engagement and service provision for sports clubs, regional & national bodies. The company was set up by Laura Baxter who identified a need for this specific in-depth support and expertise. Laura has been a full time professional in the Sports Development industry for 14 years, working in a number of countries internationally including the UK, USA and New Zealand. Providing an innovative and modern approach when servicing each community organisation, Laura delivers a tailored and specific strategy to address clubs’ identified needs.

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